We want to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.  We do our best to select and represent manufacturers and brands who's products perform with the kind of quality we expect for ourselves, and work hard to help you find the right products for your needs.  In the interest of full transparency, we have compiled this list of "standard terms and conditions of sale" for products and services available at Hometown Music.

Merchandise Warranty

Most of the merchandize we sell is protected by a manufacturer's warranty.  The manufacturer's warranty agreement is between the manufacturing company and the purchaser of the merchandise.  Hometown Music offers no additional or alternative warranty on merchandise unless expressly stated and presented in writing at the time of purchase.  For items suffering a manufacturers defect we will be happy to assist you in the process of making a warranty claim, however since the expressed warranty is made between the manufacturer and the purchaser, Hometown Music can not be held liable in the event a warranty claim is denied by the manufacturer.

Instrument Service Warranty

Instrument repairs, installation of pickups, or other service work performed by Hometown Music, will have a warranty or a period of 30 days from the date of service.  This warranty shall be for the repair work or service itself, and will cover any labor necessary to correct a failure of the original service, and shall not extend to any physical "parts" or merchandise which would be covered by a manufacturer's warranty.  This warranty will be void should it be determined that the failure happened as a result of "abuse" or "negligent care" of the instrument.

Return Policy

We understand that even with the best of intentions sometimes an item just doesn't "work out," and we don't want you to feel "stuck."  With that in mind we have established the following policy for returns.

Merchandise purchased from Hometown music may be returned or exchanged within 7 days from the date of purchase for in-store items, or for item(s) which have been shipped, 7 days from the delivery date provided by the shipping carrier.  The original purchase receipt will be required for any returns or exchange to be considered.  Items must be returned in the same condition in which they were purchased and with all of the original packaging.  Items which are returned in a condition less than that of the original purchase will be subject to a proration of the purchase amount and/or a restocking fee of 10% of the purchase amount.

Items which are sold in any kind of factory sealed packaging (i.e. guitar strings, tuning machines, pick packs, cables, etc), or any item which would likely be in contact with the mouth (i.e. harmonicas, microphones, etc) may not be returned for a refund.  

Shipping Damage

If your item is shipped to you and the parcel arrives with signs of excessive shipping damage, we strongly encourage you refuse the delivery of the package.  At the minimum the delivery person should be asked to notate possible damage for the shipping record.  For parcels that are delivered without signature requirement and are found to be damaged, or if the contents of a parcel is found to have sustained concealed damage upon opening the parcel, we must be notified of the damage within 24 hours of the receipt of the parcel.  After 24 hours of the delivery date and time provided by the shipping carrier, and in the absence of a notation of possible damage, we will assume a clean delivery.

If you need to return an item via shipping, you must contact us via email or phone and receive a return authorization.  Items which are returned via shipping must have the original packing materials, or be packed using functionally identical substitutes, and be packed in sufficiently the same fashion as to provide the same level of protection as the original shipment.  If the original packaging is not available, and a suitable substitute cannot be found, we can provide shipping materials for a fee.  We will be happy to provide a return shipping label with our carrier of choice, at actual cost, which will be deducted from the final refund amount.  If you choose to return your item(s) using your own carrier, you accept full responsibility for insuring the shipment for the full purchase amount and Hometown Music, LLC shall not be responsible for any items if damaged in transit.  Any parcels shipped using a method other than a label supplied by Hometown music, LLC that arrive showing signs of excessive handling damage will be refused and returned to the sender, and Hometown Music will have no responsibility for those items.

Layaway Policy

Hometown Music, LLC will offer layaways of merchandise at its sole discretion.  Our standard layaway is paid over 90 days and consists of 4 even payments on the following schedule:

Day 1: Deposit (Non-refundable) - 25%

Day 30: Payment - 25%

Day 60: Payment - 25%

Day 90: Final Payment and pickup - $25%

Layaways may be canceled within the first 7 days of the deposit, in accordance with our return policy, after which the first deposit payment is non-refundable.  Should a payment be missed by more than 10 business days, without an effort being made by the customer to contact Hometown Music, the layaway will be cancelled and the initial deposit amount forfeit.  We understand that things happen, and will make every effort to "work with" our customers, but communication is key.  If you are concerned about being able to make a payment, contact us as soon as possible to discuss what options may be available.  Modifications of layaway terms are made at the sole discretion of management, and are not guaranteed.